Thursday, July 15, 2010

Norah oh Norah

Norah oh Norah. hehe this would be about my Norah which is been traded with my Autumn. It is an unfair barter trading actually. haha. Green tree python traded with Anery corn snake. tu la. sapa suruh garang sangat. haha. Norah is quite defensive it kept on strike when i get near. it came from Biak Island, somewhere in Indonesia. the reason i bought it due to its striking yellow colour. since i'm still a newbie, it is not suit me. maybe later on will be next choice of snake. By the way, she is not that defensive, once you can put on your hand, she's like a very docile specimen, duduk diam, belit2 kat tangan. hehe. went to Taiping pegi ambil 2 Leopard gecko and tukar ular 2. meh usha tengok lawa ke tak.

She is not that fierce (:

Her first meal

See how big she can open her mouth

So adorable

Burp :p


this is not mine, baby viper

my aqua, sold already, he love playing dead

Geram tengok semut kondo aku. haha

Akmal's retic python

Leopard gecko

Akmal's mangrove snake, ular katam. a venomous snake but eat only
lizard, cicak rumah. haha

Last pic of Norah


  1. gile sedih tgk ular tu makan tikuss! urghh. kejam.

  2. x kesian ular ak x makan ke nanti? haha. x kesian kat ayam o ikan yang kau makan ke? haha